5 Reasons Teppanyaki Chefs Are So Flamboyant

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29 May 2019
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5 Reasons Teppanyaki Chefs Are So Flamboyant

5 Reasons Teppanyaki Chefs Are So Flamboyant

If you have ever visited a teppanyaki or hibachi restaurant, you would’ve seen how flamboyant the chefs can be.

While this is entertaining, that is not the only purpose for them to put on a show. Here are 5 other reasons for all of the fanfare.

Boredom Relief

Anyone who has ever worked in a customer-oriented business can tell you that there are times when boredom sets in and it makes the day go much slower than usual.

One of the best ways to avoid this is to keep yourself busy and putting on a flamboyant show is a perfect example of that.

There is no way to feel bored when you are delighting the crowd and being entertaining.

Schedule Preference

As everyone probably knows, there are certain times in the restaurant industry when it gets really busy. Those are the times that are ideal for a teppanyaki chef.

If you are one of the best at the establishment where you work and customers return often in order to see you, this will give you an edge when it comes to scheduling.

There is no way that a restaurant owner will give the prime schedules to those who are not doing as well.

Being lively and appealing to customers is the first step toward gaining a fan following and having your boss take notice.


This is one of the main reasons for many chefs to show off and try their best to dazzle the crowd.

Not every restaurant pays big dollars to their chefs and receiving tips is a great way to make up the difference.

Someone who goes the extra mile in order to regale the audience is one who will have extra in their pockets when the end of the shift arrives.

While diners are not obligated to tip the teppanyaki chefs for the shows that they put on, many do so as a show of appreciation for a job well done.

It should be noted that chefs who are vibrant and personable get much higher tips than those that are more serious and focus purely on the job at hand.

Showing Off Skills

Let’s think about this for a moment. It takes a certain type of person to be a great teppanyaki chef.

Not anyone can just walk into an establishment off the street and get the opportunity to work at a restaurant as a teppanyaki chef.

There is a certain level of skill involved and that is achieved by attending training and practising for countless hours.

If someone has taken this seriously enough that they have invested time and/or money into it, they are likely to be eager to show off everything they have learned.

Meeting Expectations

When people head to teppanyaki restaurants, they expect to be entertained.

In fact, this is a major part of the appeal. If they were only interested in the food, they could head someplace else that has similar menu options.

A great chef knows that pleasing the crowd is part of the job and they want to stand out from everyone else.

So in a nutshell, they want to make the crowd happy while showing off their own unique style.

Now that you know more about why teppanyaki chefs are so flamboyant, you may look at them differently the next time you take in a teppanyaki restaurant.

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