Guide To Teppanyaki: A Feast For All the Senses

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What Makes Teppanyaki Grills Unique?
17 April 2021
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16 June 2021
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Guide To Teppanyaki: A Feast For All the Senses

Guide To Teppanyaki: A Feast For All the Senses

Do you love Japanese food? Have you ever tried teppanyaki? Teppanyaki is recognised as a modern-style Japanese dish that is cooked on an open iron cooktop. Today, teppanyaki is one of the most iconic Japanese dishes out there which has taken the world by storm. 

Generally, teppanyaki is characterised by three different elements: ingredients, equipment, and theatrics. All of these questions answer what teppanyaki is and why it is an especially renowned factor of Japanese cuisine. If you’d like to learn more about teppanyaki, we’ve got this quick and easy guide for you.

Teppanyaki: A Feast For All The Senses 

Teppanyaki is a Japanese style of cooking that cooks ingredients on a flat iron cooktop in front of the customers. It was thought to have originated in Japan during the postwar era where Japanese restaurants wanted to experiment with American-style dining. 

Guide Teppanyaki Feast For Senses

Teppanyaki is said to have been founded by Misono steak restaurant located in Kobe after the introduction of conveyor belt sushi restaurants. Most teppanyaki restaurants are known to use expensive and high-quality ingredients to deliver the best dining experience out there. In this article, we’ll be talking about the different elements of teppanyaki:

1). The Ingredients

A typical teppanyaki meal is made up of courses of various fresh ingredients including meat, seafood, and vegetables that are cooked by a highly skilled, specialised, and seasoned chef. 

Course menus will usually start with an appetiser called zensai along with soup and salad. Usually, the appetiser course features various ingredients such as seaweed salad or even fresh fish carpaccio. Soup can range from miso soup or various other flavours. Occasionally, fresh assorted sashimi is served at the beginning of the meal.

Next, a seafood course will follow. Grilled prawns and scallops are popular seafood options in teppanyaki. Occasionally, premium Japanese seafood such as black abalone and spiny lobster are served.

Afterwards, a meat dish and a rice dish are served for the main course. Oftentimes, premium domestic meat such as black-haired wagyu beef such as Kobe beef and Matsutaka beef is served. Meat is never greasy or fatty; in fact, many teppanyaki restaurants opt to dry-age their beef for added flavour. On the other hand, the rice course is usually fried rice or a risotto cooked directly on the teppan cooktop.

Additionally, dipping sauces such as shoyu-based sauces are used alongside the various courses to help add a little more flavour for serving. 

Finally, dessert such as sorbet, cake, or pastries, is served, followed by coffee and tea. 

2). The Equipment

The equipment in teppanyaki is a very significant part of the dish. The heart of teppanyaki is the teppan, which is a flat iron grill. It is recognised as one of the early inventions introduced when modern iron manufacturing began in Japan. Teppan-style cuisine became very popular where other dishes such as okonomiyaki, a savoury pancake, were cooked on.

Teppan grills are often situated tableside where the chef cooks the ingredients directly in front of the guests. The chef will often use metal spatulas, grill forks, and large knives as part of manipulating the ingredients.

Guide Teppanyaki Feast For Senses

3). The Theatrics

Many would describe teppanyaki as a performance-like experience as opposed to a culinary one. Teppanyaki chefs like to demonstrate their dynamic cooking techniques in various ways. They like to flick cooked prawn tails into their shirt pocket, slice meat and seafood with unparalleled precision, flip eggs into the air and crack them open with a spatula and set aflame an onion volcano. The teppanyaki experience truly is a show which has attracted hungry customers towards the performance, sometimes even more than the amazing food. 


Teppanyaki truly is a feast for all the senses. Not only are the various courses of food incredibly delicious, but the performance and theatrics of the teppanyaki chefs truly make the teppanyaki dining experience an unforgettable one.

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