How Do You Become A Teppanyaki Chef?

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How Do You Become A Teppanyaki Chef?

How Do You Become A Teppanyaki Chef?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a teppanyaki chef? Teppanyaki chefs actually go through comprehensive, elite-level training in order to become the fascinating and entertaining chefs that they are. Through this training, teppanyaki chefs learn things such as how to perform, developing knife skills, and plating food to perfection.

If you want to learn more about what it takes to become a teppanyaki chef, then please keep on reading for a fascinating insight!

Teppanyaki Chefs: An Introduction

Teppanyaki is known as a Japanese style of cooking wherein the chef cooks food on a hot girdle in front of fellow guests. Because chefs often cook in front of guests, teppanyaki chefs try to make cooking as fun as possible by performing tricks such as throwing eggs into the air, flipping shrimp tails into their shirt pocket, and even creating volcanoes from sliced onions. 

Because teppanyaki is a performative culinary art, it requires much more intricate training, where chefs can learn how to do various tricks in order to make live cooking even more exciting for hungry customers. This may sound intimidating, but don’t worry, because so long as you have a passion for cooking, you already qualify to become a teppanyaki chef!

How Become Teppanyaki Chef

Where Can One Become A Teppanyaki Chef?

Just like in any other culinary career, many teppanyaki chefs attend a culinary institute where they train and gain experience to reach the highest level possible. Some teppanyaki chefs even have certificates or university degrees as formal education may help elevate your background, though not all teppanyaki chiefs do have a formal education degree. 

Many teppanyaki chefs usually attend culinary schools that have specialised courses for Japanese cooking and even sushi preparation. This is because although teppanyaki is a style of Japanese cooking, many teppanyaki restaurants also offer sushi dishes.

Once a teppanyaki chef has completed culinary training, they will look for employment in a teppanyaki restaurant. Since teppanyaki chefs do not have much experience when entering employment, they are employed as a learner first despite any educational background. This is so that they can be trained by seasoned and senior teppanyaki chefs in the restaurant.

Among many things, teppanyaki chefs are trained to do things such as portioning the food correctly, ensuring that each dish reaches the right temperature according to the serving size, and even providing fun facts for the diners about the dishes that are being cooked. 

When seeking employment in a teppanyaki restaurant, it is encouraged that you show up with confidence, good humour, and great communication skills. 

What Do Teppanyaki Chefs Learn To Do?

Teppanyaki chefs are taught to do various things such as developing expert levels of knife skills, learning how to aesthetically plate and present food, and of course, performing a variety of tricks! Some of these tricks usually include:

  • Jugglings knives, utensils, and other tools
  • Throwing food into the pockets or mouths of diners
  • Flipping and/or catching food with different instruments, like tossing fried rice into the air and catching it in a bowl
  • Various types of egg-related tricks
How Become Teppanyaki Chef

How Long Does It Take To Become A Teppanyaki Chef?

The duration of becoming a teppanyaki chef can often vary, as this can depend on the skill, learning ability, and ambition of the aspiring teppanyaki chef. In fact, it can even take up to 10 years for a chef to fully learn the art of sushi, so the art of teppanyaki may also take a while to learn!

Nonetheless, over the years it is important that teppanyaki chefs grow in qualities such as:

  • Having a persevering attitude, as it will take a fair bit of time and practice to master teppanyaki
  • Physical stamina, because many chefs spend hours on their feet performing and cooking
  • Heightened manual dexterity
  • Inviting personality
  • Great communication skills


Teppanyaki, in itself, is recognised as a magnificent form of Japanese culinary art. However, it is also the teppanyaki chefs that contribute greatly to this fascinating form of art, who train for years and years to perfect teppanyaki. 

Teppanyaki chefs are thoroughly trained to be highly skilled in handling knives, cooking and plating teppanyaki, and performing tricks. Teppanyaki is not just about the food, but about the performance and elevation of live cooking that chefs bring to the table (literally!).

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