Making Sushi – Can I Use Any Type Of Fish?

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Making Sushi – Can I Use Any Type Of Fish?

Making Sushi – Can I Use Any Type Of Fish?

Are you a sushi lover? If you are, you sure are not alone! 

Loved by people the world over, sushi has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and with plenty of good reasons. 

In fact, you may have fallen so head over heels in love with this delightful culinary dish that you have decided it’s time to make it happen in your own kitchen. 

However, before you go inviting your friends over and rustling up a fishy feast it’s time to get a few things straight. 

Let’s talk about sushi preparation and the main things you need to know. We’ll discuss the following topics:

  • Can I Use Any Type Of Fish To Make Sushi?
  • What Are The Main Types Of Fish I Should Choose?
  • How Do I Know That The Fish I Am Buying Is Fresh?

Can I Use Any Type Of Fish To Make Sushi?

In a word; No! You actually need to be extra careful when it comes to the fish you use for making sushi, otherwise, you may suffer rather badly for your lack of knowledge and effort! 

In general, you should only make sushi with sushi-grade or sashimi-grade fish. 

This may mean that you will have to visit Japanese shops and markets within your area to find what you need. 

If you don’t know of any local Japanese shops you could always ask at your favourite sushi restaurant for a contact. 

So why can’t you just use any fish? Simply put, most fish has not been prepared for raw consumption. 

This means it may have bacteria and parasites which only when cooked will be removed. 

There are also various fish types, such as freshwater fish, which are simply, not suitable for eating when in their raw state.

What Are The Main Types Of Fish I Should Choose?

Just because you need to be careful when choosing fish for sushi preparation it doesn’t mean you won’t have any choice. 

In fact, once you find the right supplier you will likely find that the following types of fish are available for your upcoming sushi plans:


An excellent pick, you will likely find bluefin or yellowfin offered. Skipjack, albacore and bonito are also potential choices.


Often a favourite amongst sushi lovers this type of jackfish is popular in Japanese sushi making. If it interests you, the Japanese refer to it as ‘hamachi’.


There are various forms of mackerel available and they all seem to have their place in the Japanese sushi kitchen. 

Just be sure to research the use of mackerel first, all types do have to be treated with vinegar.

Sea Bass And Snapper

Again, these fish types are common choices in the sushi kitchen and well worth checking out. 

As mentioned, make sure you know how to treat them before you serve!

How Do I Know That The Fish I Am Buying Is Fresh?

The fish you choose for making sushi should not only be graded appropriately but should also be fresh. 

You can tell that a fish is fresh from the clean smell you will get when you bring it to your nose. You will also notice that the eyes are still firm and clear.

The Bottom Line On Sushi Making

Sushi is a wonderful food and having the desire to make it yourself is a great thing. 

That being said, there is a lot more to sushi preparation than initially meets the eye. 

Make sure that you only use fish which is graded for sushi use and ensure that what you buy is fresh. 

In addition, take the time to do your homework and understand how to treat and prepare the fish before you enter your kitchen to prepare this fabulous fishy feast!

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