What’s The Secret To Good Teppanyaki Cooking?

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What’s The Secret To Good Teppanyaki Cooking?

What’s The Secret To Good Teppanyaki Cooking?

Teppanyaki cooking is a popular style of Japanese cooking that involves cooking meat and other ingredients on a flat iron plate. This is actually reflected in the name itself, where “teppan” means iron plate and “yaki” means grilled.

Teppanyaki cooking is a very delicate and intricate style of cooking that also incorporates a lot of performative elements. However, you might be wondering: what is the secret to good teppanyaki cooking? The answer is simple: the sauce!

If you want to learn more about teppanyaki sauce, feel free to continue reading below.

Teppanyaki Sauce: What Is It?

Teppanyaki sauce is a liquid or creamy substance that is often used to season the main course. It is typically used in teppanyaki ingredients to give it more flavour, adding a hint of salt and sweetness put together.

What’s Secret Good Teppanyaki Cooking

There are a few components and ingredients that are used to create teppanyaki sauce. Typically, it is made up of soy sauce, vinegar, mirin, and ponzu. However, there\s actually a lot of other ingredients too that are used in teppanyaki sauce. They are the following: 

  • Vinegar: sake, rice, and black vinegar are commonly used in Japan.
  • Mirin: a cooking sake that has a sweet taste and low alcohol content.
  • Ponzu: a substance made from MSG, rice vinegar, grapefruit, fish fillet, and seaweed. It is often used as a topping, seasoning, or marinate.
  • Soy sauce: there are various types of soy sauce used in Japanese cooking, but each type differs in the number of soybeans, wheat, and extra ingredients used.
  • Ajipon: a low salt orange brand with soy sauce.
  • Dashi: a soup made of dried fish scraps, seaweed, and stock, which is used to add salt to the dish.
  • Mentsuyu: made of soy sauce, sugar, mentsuyu, mirin and Dashi, often used as a dipping sauce for noodles or stir fry.
  • Usuta sauce: recognised as a Japanese variant of the popular Worcestershire sauce. It is made up of ingredients from soy sauce, herbs, carrots, sardines, onion and tomatoes.
  • Tonkatsu sauce: a thick sauce often used for fried meat. It is composed of sugar, Millin, soy sauce, Worcestershire soy sauce and vinegar.
  • Shirodashi: a soup-based ingredient for seasoning.
  • Miso: a Japanese seasoning made from fermented soybeans mixed with salt and koji.
  • Wasabi: a seasoning used in the cooking of Teppanyaki made by grounding mustard or Japanese horseradish. 
  • Cooking sake: a kind of rice wine, used for seasoning.
What’s Secret Good Teppanyaki Cooking

Not all of these ingredients are used together in one go for teppanyaki sauce, but the ingredients above are commonly found in various types of teppanyaki sauce.


There are many secrets to good teppanyaki cooking from having the freshest ingredients to the finest cutting skills. However, the biggest secret of teppanyaki is teppanyaki sauce, which is used to flavour teppanyaki ingredients and comes in a wide range of ingredient mixtures. Teppanyaki is truly a unique style of cooking that involves multiple aspects of the perfect outcome.

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