Why Is Teppanyaki So Popular Around The World?

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Why Is Teppanyaki So Popular Around The World?

Why Is Teppanyaki So Popular Around The World?

Teppanyaki has been a popular dining experience in Japan for decades, but it’s only recently become an international sensation. Why is teppanyaki so popular? We think we know why… It’s delicious! But also because of the showmanship that goes into preparing each meal. 

If you would like to learn more about why teppanyaki is so popular around the world, we’ve got the answers for you! We will be covering the following topics in this article:

  • What is teppanyaki?
  • What makes teppanyaki unique?
  • The popularity behind teppanyaki
  • Ingredients used in teppanyaki
  • The types of teppanyaki cooking style

What Is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is a style of cooking that originated in Japan. Teppanyaki cooking was first developed in Japan during Medieval times when chefs would cook on portable hearths outdoors to demonstrate their culinary skills. The invention of gas stoves at the beginning of the 19th century enabled teppanyaki to be moved indoors while still retaining its traditional principles: slicing meat with less friction by pulling rather than cutting; using spatulas or metal forks instead of knives to flip food without damaging them too much; basting meats through use twisting motions with long-handled brushes made from horsehair.

Why Teppanyaki Popular Around The World

As a fun fact, the word teppanyaki is derived from “teppan” (iron plate) and yaki-eru which means to grill or fry. This is because, as mentioned, teppanyaki uses an iron griddle to cook the food, and chefs use spatulas or tongs when handling it so they do not burn themselves on the hot metal surface. 

However, teppanyaki is not only known for its amazing food – it is even known as an art form. Interestingly, the art form of teppanyaki began as street performances alongside travelling Japanese performers centuries ago for entertainment purposes until people soon realised how delicious this type of cuisine was! 

Nowadays, teppanyaki restaurants are often found in more economically developed countries. Teppanyaki became popular at restaurants across Asia and eventually made its way back to Japan where many visitors enjoy coming just for dinner. Visiting teppanyaki restaurants is one way for people with less time on their hands but plenty of cash to spend to show off how much they have while also enjoying delicious food as an added bonus.

What Makes Teppanyaki Unique?

One feature, in particular, that distinguishes teppanyaki from other forms of Japanese cuisine is the grill. The grill can be used both as a stovetop for frying or searing fish, meat, eggs and as an oven surface where vegetables might roast at high heat while being gently tossed with oils before serving. The hot plate allows the chef to flip meat until it is cooked to the diners’ satisfaction by using spatulas made out of metal blades creating crispy edges and other desired textures.

However, what really makes teppanyaki unique is the dining experience it offers. What is interesting about this style of dining experience is that each diner can not only watch but also interact with the chef while they cook up your meal right before your eyes – it’s an undeniably immersive culinary adventure! There may even be opportunities for some hands-on grilling as well. 

Why Teppanyaki Popular Around The World

The Popularity Behind Teppanyaki

Teppanyaki is popular around the world because people love watching their food being cooked before them. Admittedly, there’s also a certain thrill that comes from watching someone else make your dinner: “I always feel like I’m getting away with something when they do it,” one customer confessed after her first experience as an onlooker rather than participant. 

Another reason teppanyaki is popular is that the meal itself can be varied from region to region depending on which meat or vegetables are available, making this type of cuisine always interesting no matter where one goes. In spite of this, teppanyaki still offers an opportunity for diners to enjoy one of the signature culinary experiences in Japan.

With that, we can say that teppanyaki is so popular because of its artistry. It’s a form that doesn’t exist in other cuisines, and it brings people together by providing food as the focal point for conversation during dinner.

Ingredients Used In Teppanyaki

So what are some other interesting facts you can learn about teppanyaki? Well, aside from the performative aspect of its dining experience, the ingredients are a huge defining factor of teppanyaki.  

A typical teppanyaki meal consists of all sorts of fresh ingredients that often features grilled meat and vegetables on top of rice. The most common ingredients used in teppanyaki include vegetables such as carrots and onions, meat like chicken or beef, and sauces including teriyaki sauce and ginger/soya sauce. While these dishes may seem simple to prepare, it takes skill on the chef’s part for them not to be overcooked.

A famous teppanyaki meal would be shrimp tempura served over fried noodles along with steak, thinly sliced onions, carrots and zucchini tossed in spices or olive oil at your tableside.  However, the ingredients used in teppanyaki meals can vary depending on things like region.

Why Teppanyaki Popular Around The World

The Types Of Teppanyaki Cooking Style

Teppanyaki dishes are well known for the showmanship of flipping food in front of diners. There are three types: hibachi, teppan-yaki and izakaya styles, which all have their own distinctive cuisine style with an emphasis on what is cooked at a time when cooking ingredients together as opposed to one ingredient being prepared separately like Western-style fire grilling or roasting.

Hibachis specialise in making beef while Izakayas focus on seafood and vegetables. Izakayas are popular amongst vegetarian customers who would not normally be able to enjoy these items otherwise because they’re served raw without any sauces. This is unlike most Japanese restaurants where meat dominates menus due to its popularity among locals.

You will find, however, that there are numerous variations of teppanyaki that cannot be narrowed down into just three types. The variations of teppanyaki show just how popular and adaptable this style of cooking is worldwide.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of teppanyaki is no secret. It’s a great way to enjoy good food with friends and family, all while being entertained by the chef who will prepare your meal right in front of you!

From restaurants around the world, it seems that everyone loves teppanyaki. Give it a try yourself the next time you’re craving something delicious or want an interactive dining experience – we think you’ll love it too!

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